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8 Week Vocal Athletics Challenge

Vocal Athletics Challenge

This intensive course will include:


✅ 8 x 60-minute singing lessons in which we will focus on two contrasting pieces of repertoire. 

✅ Weekly tests measuring technical development in breath flow, range, and consistency in pitch and dynamics. 

✅ Resources to support your success in the challenge. 

✅ A finale concert with a professional live band. 


Furthermore, participants will be able to win prizes worth up to $100.00 as extra motivation to work hard. Finally, there will be a final presentation to celebrate everyone’s hard work and announce the overall challenge winner. 


Singing Lessons

Lani's vocal coaching style is inspired by a holistic philosophy, understanding that everyone and every voice is different. Located in Arana Hills, Lani offers singing to all ages and varying levels through a structured program of learning designed to guide and support their clients. Well-acquainted with all contemporary commercial music styles, Lani offers expertise in jazz, pop, and musical theatre repertoire. Lani will help her students to develop their vocal skills and confidence with a specific focus on developing their love and enjoyment of singing and music! You will also get the opportunity to work with other professional musicians and performers throughout Brisbane. 

  • Vocal Pedagogy

  • Music Theory

  • Breath Management and Support

  • Functional Piano

  • Postural Alignment

  • Aural Training

  • Sight Reading

  • Microphone Technique

  • Songwriting

  • Stagecraft and Artistry

Performance Services

Soloist/Recitalist Performer

  • Lani (Vocals and Keyboard)

  • Pop and Jazz standards

  • Intimate events, residencies, special events and concerts


  • Lani (Vocals)

  • Accompanying instrumentation as per request

  • Pop and Jazz standards

  • Regal & vice-regal function, intimate events, residencies, special events and concerts

Lani’s Trio

  • Lani (Vocals)

  • Rhythm section (Bass and Piano/Guitar)

  • Pop, Jazz standards and Original music

  • Regal & vice-regal functions, special events, concerts and festivals

Lani’s Quartet

  • Lani (Vocals)

  • Rhythm section (Bass, Piano/Guitar and Drums)

  • Pop, Jazz standards and Original music

  • Regal & vice-regal functions, special events, concerts and festivals

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Annalise Hartwig


lani you're a genius teacher. I just sent a song to a friend and they didn't believe it was me because I've improved so much. I'm so pleased. You're the best.

Emma Flier

Lani is an amazing singing teacher. I made so much progress under her expert guidance and the new confidence I have in my singing ability is largely thanks to her support and encouragement.

Sisters Bec & Jodie

We both really enjoyed lessons with Lani. She taught us a lot about singing, including the technical side and how to perform. Ever since starting our lessons, our singing has improved and she has helped us to gain a lot more confidence, as well as a greater love for the craft.​​

C. Krikowa.

Lani is a great singing teacher. She has extensive theoretical knowledge of music and was able to communicate it in a simple way. She was always ready to adapt the lesson to whatever stage I was at, and even though I have had singing teachers prior to Lani, she was able to teach me new things that I was never exposed to. I would highly recommend Lani to anyone looking for a supportive, challenging, and knowledgeable teacher, regardless of your age or vocal level.


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